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Build a long-lasting relationship with your customer while working Remotely.

  • Build a long-lasting relationship with your customer while working Remotely
  • Dedicated routes for promotional and transactional SMS.
  • Send in English, हिन्दी, ಕನ್ನಡ, français

Enable smart messaging into your application to automate your product. Build communication products that talk to your customers. Make it scalable as and when required.

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Bridge the gap between you and your customers

Run targeted campaigns, personalize marketing content, precise data access with client segmentation.


Personalize Marketing Content

Generate personalized content for different segments. Subdivide and send relevant content to users, boost up your customer retention by tailoring and segmenting.

Success Rate100%
Uptime 100%
Customized content 75%
Operator's 7


Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or customer engagement.

Communication APIs

Right amount of information to the right audience at the right time.

Cloud Contact Center

Manage your customer communications efficiently from remote locations.

2FA Authentication

OTP API to build a complete and futuristic verification process.

WhatsApp API

Deliver exceptional customer experience by integrating our WhatsApp Business solution

Let your communication FLOW

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  • What are the communication APIs?

    Built for the communications space, communication APIs define rules of the possible interactions between servers and communication applications. They also function as the communication layer between applications and databases. Easy integrations and cost effective solutions.

  • Founded in 2018, Uconnect over the years has built a robust product portfolio of communication services over a broad set of APIs, all available in off-the-shelf modules. We thrive on innovation and ease-of-use by constantly upgrading services and features to our core offerings making MSG91 one of the most feature-rich CPaaS platforms.

  • You can switch in just a few steps, you need to create your account with Uconnect. Our Support Superheroes will help you in the integration process. You can also refer migration guides to ease out the process.

  • Signup on a DLT Platform (Telecom Operators) with all required documents and details; help doc-HERE

  • The authkey will be available in your personal dashboard, you can also request multiple auth keys for your account and name them, this can be useful if you are using the same account for 2 or more applications/websites and you can disable/enable any of the auth keys if required.


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